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Ventilación y salud
Ventilación y salud

Buenos Aires

Yo amo a Nelson Ventilación
Niveles diarios de contaminación del aire
Niveles diarios de contaminación del aire

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nelson ventilación
  • Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Position Paper
    Mechanical ventilation plays a critical role in maintaining acceptable indoor air quality in homes. In this article, the Home Ventilating Institute, the authority on residential ventilation systems, offers guidelines on how to select the right ventilation system for your home, how much air it should move and why, types of ventilation systems, and where to get more information on ventilation standards.
    descargar archivo pdf Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Position Paper

  • Mold, Moisture, and Houses – Ventilation is an Effective Weapon
    This guideline document provides an overview of residential mold prevention for the average consumer – the resident of today’s North American housing. It provides a basic scientific explanation of mold fundamentals, findings related to problems blamed on mold, and an introduction to psychrometrics - the science of air containing moisture. That scientific base is then applied as a general guideline for making the practical decisions associated with residential design, construction, ventilation and operation for effective mold control.
    descargar archivo pdf Mold, Moisture, and Houses – Ventilation is an Effective Weapon by Dave Wolbrink, June 2009

  • QuickGuide to Indoor Air Quality
    Air - though invisible, it is the most basic, life-sustaining feature of your home. Preventive measures, ventilation, and daily habits play a role in protecting your home’s precious supply.
    descargar archivo pdf HHI Air QuickGuide, October 2008

  • Natural Versus Mechanical Ventilation
    The reality is that the natural infiltration of air is not a reliable source of adequate amounts of air to maintain good air quality. This article explores the reasons for this and then outlines the benefits of controlled mechanical ventilation. Article written by Gord Cooke; reprinted from HPAC Jan/Feb 2005 with permission.
    descargar archivo pdf Natural Versus Mechanical Ventilation Article by Gord Cooke, January/February 2005

Home Ventilation Institute:




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